Why SEM ?

When spending or investing in a business the return part cannot be ignored and the report shows SEM brings the highest conversion/returns to a business. This is because when you spend on PPC (price per click) or advertise your product/business starts appearing on the top of the SERPs and hence it is clicked by the maximum number of users.

SEM is considered as the bottom funnel of the marketing channel which also tends to increase brand awareness among the people.

While SEO brings slow and long-term results, SEM is considered as one of the fastest ways to rank your website on top in SERPs. You just need to target a particular set of audiences, set a budget, and create ads.

There are several ways of SEM targeting which includes:

Benefits that you get from SEM

  • Highest Conversion

  • Increases Brand Awareness

  • Major traffic sources

  • Rank on top

  • High Returns and Reach